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  • Prekės kodas: BAU024
  • Sandėlyje liko: 2 vnt.

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The 2018 Bauer Supreme S27 is an excellent all-purpose ice hockey skate just right for the enthusiast in need of a little pond hockey competition, or who enjoys spending family time at the local rink. The anatomical fit, combined with several key features, makes the S27 a fantastic value for the skater looking for some premium quality at an affordable price.

  • 3-D Trueform tech PU quarter package for sturdy, customizable fit
  • Hydrophobic microfiber lining and memory foam ankle padding for dry comfort
  • FORM-FIT EVA footbed for comfort
  • TPU outsole for torsional stability
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder for trigger-quick blade replacement
  • Tuuk stainless steel blade for affordable durability

The S27 includes many features sure to garner approval from in-the-know skating circles. The S27 makes use of the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder. Tuuk’s Lightspeed Edge holder is the most popular edge holder in the NHL thanks to Tuuk’s quick-release trigger system. With the Tuuk Lightspeed you can swap your steel out in seconds, keeping you on the ice and off the bench.

The stainless steel runners on the S27 offer excellent durability for a mid-level skate. Joined to the TPU outsole—a slight upgrade over the S25’s TPR outsole—this skate boasts a moderate stiffness that’s great for players just developing their stride and who would benefit from a little more torsional rigidity.

The quarter package on the Supreme S27 is the 3-D Trueform tech PU which is 3-D injected for an anatomical shape right out of the box. Bake them, and skaters will enjoy a perfect, custom fit even before they hit the ice. The S27 has a slightly more flexible tendon guard than the S25, allowing for better stride extension for longer, more powerful strides.

The S27 includes a 2-piece, 48-oz. felt tongue made of thick foam. The tongue center is outfitted with a high-density, injected metatarsal guard for excellent lace bite protection.

The Supreme S27 boot ankle features thick memory foam pads. The large heel helps lock the skater’s foot in place to reduce the energy loss associated with interior foot slippage. The HD microfiber liner is both soft to the touch but also effectively wicks moisture away from the foot for a fit that’s dry, secure, and very comfortable.

The footbed in the S27 is Bauer’s Form-Fit EVA. The Form-Fit EVA uses a mid-density foam that results in excellent comfort.

A size 8 skate weighs 792 g., making it lighter than other comparably-sized mid-level Bauer offerings in the Nexus and Vapor lines. The entire Supreme line offers a medium-volume fit. If a skater has standard height and width in their heel, midfoot, and forefoot, the S27 should be an excellent choice.

Bauer’s Supreme S27 offers a welcome array of elite-level features on a durable and high-performing mid-level skate sure to bring the recreational skater years of reliable, comfortable use.

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